University Deadlines For Spring 2016 Semester

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4 min readJul 23, 2021


The month of June is now approaching which means the spring 2016 application process should now begin. As per our standard practice we are publishing university deadlines for spring 2016 semester.

Keep in mind some universities update deadlines on their websites at different times during the academic year.

The deadlines mentioned below are for the graduate school only. The department deadlines may differ from the graduate school deadlines and hence you should cross check with your respective department for confirmation.




Deadlines in June

1 University of Maryland, Baltimore County 1-Jun

2 Texas Tech University 15-Jun

3 University of Tennessee, Knoxville 15-Jun

Deadlines in July

1 Florida Institute of Technology 1-Jul

2 University of Pittsburgh 1-Jul

3 Washington State University, Pullman 1-Jul

4 North Carolina State University 15-Jul

5 University of Illinois, Chicago 15-Jul

6 University of Rhode Island, Kingston 15-Jul

Deadlines in August

1 Kansas State University 1-Aug

2 North Dakota State University, Fargo 1-Aug

3 University of Michigan, Dearborn 1-Aug

4 Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo 1-Aug

5 Wichita State University 1-Aug

6 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 15-Aug

7 South Dakota School of Mines & Tech 15-Aug

8 South Dakota State University, Brookings 15-Aug

9 University of Kentucky, Lexington 15-Aug

10 San Francisco State University 31-Aug

Deadlines in September

1 East Carolina University 1-Sept

2 Florida International University 1-Sept

3 George Washington University 1-Sept

4 Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago 1-Sept

5 Indiana University, Bloomington 1-Sept

6 Lamar University 1-Sept

7 Mississippi State University 1-Sept

8 Oakland University, Rochester 1-Sept

9 University of Alaska, Fairbanks 1-Sept

10 University of Nebraska, Lincoln 1-Sept

11 University of Oklahoma, Norman 1-Sept

12 University of South Carolina, Columbia 1-Sept

13 University of Texas, Dallas 1-Sept

14 University of Texas, San Antonio 1-Sept

15 Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 1-Sept

16 California State University, Chico 15-Sept

17 Northeastern University, Boston 15-Sept

18 Texas A & M University, Kingsville 15-Sept

19 Tufts University 15-Sept

20 University of North Carolina, Greensboro 15-Sept

21 University of North Texas, Denton 15-Sept

22 California State University, Fresno 30-Sept

23 California State University, Northridge 30-Sept

Deadlines in October

1 California State University, Long Beach 1-Oct

2 California State University, Sacramento 1-Oct

3 Case Western Reserve University 1-Oct

4 Eastern Michigan University 1-Oct

5 Illinois State University, Normal 1-Oct

6 Indiana University Purdue University 1-Oct

7 Minnesota State University, Mankato 1-Oct

8 Northern Illinois University, Dekalb 1-Oct

9 Oklahoma State University, Still Water 1-Oct

10 Old Dominion University, Norfolk 1-Oct

11 Oregon State University, Corvallis 1-Oct

12 Pennsylvania State University, University Park 1-Oct

13 Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville 1-Oct

14 State University of New York, Stony Brook 1-Oct

15 Stevens Institute of Technology 1-Oct

16 Tennessee Technological University 1-Oct

17 University of Arkansas, Little Rock 1-Oct

18 University of Colorado, Denver 1-Oct

19 University of Detroit, Mercy 1-Oct

20 University of Houston, University Park 1-Oct

21 University of Idaho, Moscow 1-Oct

22 University of Iowa, Iowa City 1-Oct

23 University of Louisiana, Lafayette 1-Oct

24 University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1-Oct

25 University of Nevada, Las Vegas 1-Oct

26 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque 1-Oct

27 University of North Carolina, Charlotte 1-Oct

28 University of Texas, Arlington 1-Oct

29 University of Virginia, Charlottesville 1-Oct

30 West Virginia University, Morgan Town 1-Oct

31 Worcester Polytechnic Institute 1-Oct

32 California State University, Los Angeles 15-Oct

33 Duke University 15-Oct

34 Marquette University 15-Oct

35 Texas State University 15-Oct

36 University of Georgia 15-Oct

37 University of South Florida, Tampa 15-Oct

38 Villanova University 15-Oct

39 California State University, Fullerton 17-Oct

Deadlines in November

1 Florida State University 1-Nov

2 Idaho State University 1-Nov

3 Monmouth University 1-Nov

4 University of Louisville, Louisville 1-Nov

5 University of Miami, Coral Gables 1-Nov

6 University of Utah, Salt Lake City 1-Nov

7 University of Wyoming, Laramie 1-Nov

8 Vanderbilt University 1-Nov

9 Arkansas State University 14-Nov

10 City University of New York, City College 15-Nov

11 Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla 15-Nov

12 Montana State University, Bozeman 15-Nov

13 New Jersey Institute of Technology 15-Nov

14 University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth 15-Nov

15 Marist College, Poughkeepsie 30-Nov

16 Southern Methodist University 30-Nov

Deadlines in December

1 Lehigh University 1-Dec

2 Louisiana Tech University, Ruston 1-Dec

3 New York Institute of Technology 1-Dec

4 Polytechnic Institute of New York University, Brooklyn 1-Dec

5 University of Alabama, Birmingham 1-Dec

6 University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa 1-Dec

7 University of Houston, Clear Lake 1-Dec

8 University of South Alabama, Mobile 1-Dec

9 University of Southern California 1-Dec

Deadlines in January

1 Louisiana State University, Baton Rogue 1-Jan

2 Wayne State University 1-Jan

3 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 2-Jan

4 Santa Clara University 10-Jan

5 New Mexico State University, Las Cruces 27-Jan

Deadlines in February

1 University of Maryland, College Park 7-Feb

Rolling Deadlines

1 Wright State University, Dayton Rolling

2 University of Toledo Rolling

Under rolling deadlines there is no fixed application deadline declared by the university. Applications are accepted anytime till the seats for that particular semester are full.

You may also refer to our ‘University Info’ features which provides centralized information about the top 220 universities in America, including the university rank.

We wish you all the best!