Oak’s Online GRE® Prep Tools


  1. Reinforcement of the classroom coaching by helping you keep in sync with the concepts, tricks, and tips taught in the class
  2. 400+ questions for Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning
  3. Topic-wise questions for Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning


  1. Carefully designed according to your GRE® test date
  2. Wide variety of plans — one month to four months
  3. Sent directly to your inbox: a detailed preparation method with built-in milestones to help measure your progress
  4. Regular reminders to help you prepare for the GRE® test in a more systematic manner


  1. Personalized Dashboard to track your progress
  2. Customized according to the question types and difficulty level
  3. Convenient timed and untimed modes for practice
  4. Instant Review and question summary
  5. In-depth explanatory answers to gauge where you stand


  1. Actual GRE® test experience with full-length timed tests according to the ETS® pattern
  2. Analytical Writing section: Get essay scores and personalized feedback by our experienced evaluators
  3. Detailed Analysis: question by question break up of your performance to help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses
  4. Explanatory Review: help you understand what went wrong and how to get it right the next time

View our Plans & Pricing for Oak’s Online GRE Prep Tools


  1. 1500 high-frequency GRE® words
  2. Images illustrating the meaning of words
  3. Sample sentences, and audio and text pronunciation
  4. An interactive audio-visual tool with test mode

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