Great FREE Application Tools on DOA Online: Part 2 — University Checklists Feature

  • Forgetting to send even a single document can cause long and inconvenient delays in your application process.
  • You may also end up spending a lot of money to send the additional documents by courier
  • In fact, you may even lose out on getting admission to a good college or university.

Premium Checklists Feature

While the standard checklists are great, since they give you a comprehensive idea of what documents are required by universities in general, remember that each university has its own specific requirements. Students who join the admissions counseling at the academy (a paid service of the Academy) can also access our premium checklists. The premium checklists are detailed, university specific lists of documents required for every university that you apply to. They will cover the following:

  • whether the university requires one packet or two
  • which address the packets should be sent to (graduate school, department or both)
  • whether the university requires:
  • a bank statement or solvency certificate
  • university transcripts, college transcripts or university attested mark sheets
  • documents required apart from the usual ones as per the special requirements of the university



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